THE PEOPLE OF BSK. (Please Select A Representative Below)

BSK is regarded as a practice run by a team of energetic and knowledgeable attorneys with the ability to think strategically in a constantly changing work environment and marketplace. We take pride in the quality of our work and the clients we serve, and we value the long-term relationships we have built over the years. We believe in investing in ourselves and our future through continuing legal education. We consider professional development a key factor in motivation and retention because it creates the opportunity to continue to grow and develop job and career enhancing skills.

Our firm fosters a culture of mutual respect. We believe gaining perspectives and experiences from a variety of attorneys and staff creates more innovative solutions and greater contributions from everyone, as we strive to provide the best possible service for our clients.


What makes the attorneys of BSK unique is the fact that the principals of the firm spent the better part of 50 years practicing in other environments before they came to the firm. As a result, not only are we able to establish a long list of proven best practices and procedures, but we are also able to alleviate a lot of challenges, duplication of efforts and time wasters based on our vast experience, knowledge and automation. Our management model places our principals at the center of the firm, rather than at the top.


What makes us so special is that we work together as a team. Our clients all deal with a single attorney and a support team who is responsive and supportive of each other. The support team enjoys working with a variety of attorneys with different core competencies and diverse backgrounds in order to share information and have open communication.

At BSK everyone works for everyone.