We are continually adapting new areas of practice as the law, legal landscape and economic conditions continue to evolve. While our firm was formed to focus on estate planning and estate administration, we quickly responded to our clients' needs to handle business planning, transactions, and litigation matters because our clients wanted to continue working with us relating to other aspects of their lives and businesses. In many firms clients are passed on to other practice groups or referred to other law firms to handle issues outside of the trust and estate area. Our clients wanted to "keep it in the family" where they had developed a sense of trust, so we expanded and now are proud to provide a wide array of related services for our clients.

Organization & Operation of Support Funds, Supporting Organizations & Nonprofit Organizations

Our firm assists in forming and operating support funds, support organizations, private foundations, public charities, and other nonprofit associations and organizations. We steer our clients through the maze of regulations to the ultimate realization of their goal. Most importantly, we advise them of the risks and the advantages of operation as a free standing private foundation versus establishment of a fund or support organization under an existing public charity. We also assist in establishing and maintaining nonprofit and tax-exempt status for organizations actively engaged in the promotion of charitable, religious and educational endeavors, social welfare, or a common business interest of the members.