We are continually adapting new areas of practice as the law, legal landscape and economic conditions continue to evolve. While our firm was formed to focus on estate planning and estate administration, we quickly responded to our clients' needs to handle business planning, transactions, and litigation matters because our clients wanted to continue working with us relating to other aspects of their lives and businesses. In many firms clients are passed on to other practice groups or referred to other law firms to handle issues outside of the trust and estate area. Our clients wanted to "keep it in the family" where they had developed a sense of trust, so we expanded and now are proud to provide a wide array of related services for our clients.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Family members frequently worry if a once independent loved one is subject to, or is perhaps creating, a hostile or dangerous environment.  Whether the loved one is habitually leaving the stove on, is driving with macular degeneration, is engaging in spousal abuse, is subject to the unscrupulous financial advances of third parties, or is otherwise subject to any number of other issues related to the aging process, these concerns are often justified.  Personal and financial protection and oversight often become essential because a loved one is in great need of either physical care or is making unreasonable financial decisions which create an undue financial risk.  If no Pre-Incapacity Planning was done for that loved one, then a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship often become the only options available to ensure the loved one is personally safe and financially secure.

A Guardianship is a court proceeding where an individual or entity (the Guardian) is appointed by the court to care for a minor or adult incapable of managing his or her own personal needs, safety and well-being.  Similarly, a Conservatorship is a court proceeding where an individual or entity (the Conservator) is appointed by the court to care for the property of a minor or adult who cannot properly manage such property. Many times, a Conservatorship is done in conjunction with a Guardianship in order to provide the loved one with both personal and financial protection.

Appointing a Guardian and Conservator can be cumbersome and contentious for many reasons. Furthermore, once appointed, a Guardian and/or Conservator is subject to strict oversight by the court and must meet yearly reporting requirements and disclosures under Arizona law.  We can work with you to determine whether a Guardianship or Conservatorship is necessary for your loved one, we can discuss what appropriate alternatives may be available and we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you navigate through selecting the proper course of action.