We are continually adapting new areas of practice as the law, legal landscape and economic conditions continue to evolve. While our firm was formed to focus on estate planning and estate administration, we quickly responded to our clients' needs to handle business planning, transactions, and litigation matters because our clients wanted to continue working with us relating to other aspects of their lives and businesses. In many firms clients are passed on to other practice groups or referred to other law firms to handle issues outside of the trust and estate area. Our clients wanted to "keep it in the family" where they had developed a sense of trust, so we expanded and now are proud to provide a wide array of related services for our clients.

Elder Law

Caring for an Aging Parent

For many adult children, caring for an aging parent can be an overpowering responsibility. Often, adult children are responsible for the care for their own minor children, as well as their parents. Our attorneys work with the adult children to provide them with the resources and tools necessary to ensure that their parent is provided with proper care and to minimize the legal problems and confusion that often arise in situations when a child cares for a parent.

Planning for Long Term Care in Arizona

The cost of long-term care in Arizona can be a staggering amount for your loved one. This is especially true for couples who are confronted with having to spend down their entire estate paying for the care of only one spouse. We provide families with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate through the often difficult world of long term care, including understanding and maximizing the benefits of Veterans Administration and the Arizona Long Term Care System (“ALTCS”) under the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (“AHCCCS”).  Proper long term care planning can ensure an aging and/or disabled individual has the most resources available to him or her both financially and medically, allowing such individual to preserve their family’s assets to the greatest extent possible.

Pre-Incapacity Planning

When an aging adult comes to the point that he or she can no longer care for himself, it is often necessary for loved ones to step into the role of caregiver. Often times, this caregiver role is accomplished through a court supervised process known as Guardianships and Conservatorships. However, due to its cost and extensive court oversight, as our population ages, more and more people are turning to Pre-Incapacity Planning methods in an effort to avoid Guardianships and Conservatorships.  If your loved one has not prepared Incapacity Planning Documents like a Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable Financial Power of Attorney and a Living Will, we will make certain your loved ones have appropriate documents in place.

Post-Capacity Assistance

We advise friends and family members of incapacitated persons in many legal issues, from routine tasks of how to properly manage finances or make medical decisions regarding your loved one’s care to more complex matters such as the management of significant estate and trust assests.  Additionally, we also provide guidance on whether or not caregivers or “new friends” should be held accountable for neglect or elder abuse and work with family members to remove unsuitable caregivers and, when appropriate, to recover mishandled or misappropriated funds.