We are continually adapting new areas of practice as the law, legal landscape and economic conditions continue to evolve. While our firm was formed to focus on estate planning and estate administration, we quickly responded to our clients' needs to handle business planning, transactions, and litigation matters because our clients wanted to continue working with us relating to other aspects of their lives and businesses. In many firms clients are passed on to other practice groups or referred to other law firms to handle issues outside of the trust and estate area. Our clients wanted to "keep it in the family" where they had developed a sense of trust, so we expanded and now are proud to provide a wide array of related services for our clients.

Business Planning

Our firm has substantial experience in the area of business planning for owners of closely held businesses. We provide a wide range of services to private and public corporations, individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and charitable institutions. We assist clients in the integration of business planning techniques and estate planning by providing advice on the tax and non-tax issues attendant to the transfer of family businesses, including capital structure reorganizations, buy-sell arrangements, gift programs, and valuation issues.

For many of our clients, we frequently fill the role of "outside general counsel" for their business matters. In this role, we assist clients in their income, estate and gift tax planning, including succession planning in order to help them protect and preserve their wealth. We often are called upon to help business owners plan for the eventual transfer of the business to family members, employees, or a third party. Succession planning can be a difficult process. We have worked with companies to develop appropriate strategies (e.g., outright sale of the business, recapitalization, gift programs, employee stock option plans, and shareholder agreements).