• Representing the personal representative in working through the liquidation of a bankrupt decedent's estate.

  • Representing beneficiaries to force the liquidation of illiquid assets to satisfy not only proper creditor claims but also the claims of interested parties.

  • Representing a surviving spouse as personal representative against the unsubstantiated claims of a girlfriend or caregiver.

  • Working for the benefit of estate creditors on liquidating assets of the estate.

  • Locating more than two dozen unknown heirs and splitting assets between those heirs.

  • Efficiently and cost effectively striking a balance between the competing applicants for conservator and settling on management for an elderly matriarch.

  • Representing a long-time caregiver on proper receipt and bequest of gifts and bequests.

  • Representing charities in termination of interests under irrevocable charitable remainder and charitable unitrusts.

  • Acting as mediator in estate and trust disputes between contesting litigants in undue influence and lack of capacity matters.